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The Laughter of Old Men & Little Children

Maybe it’s not exactly what Jesus meant by “bring those kids to me” but at least making little children laugh doesn’t contradict the notion! Continue reading

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Meeting Amos

Snacks-$4.85; Gas-$58.00; Meeting Amos Michael Arnett when he was only four days old-yeah, you know… Continue reading

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Frontasauras and the Clogged Gutter

I’ve heard that there are better times for cleaning out gutters rather than doing it in the middle of a drenching thunder storm… might have to check that out some day! Continue reading

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Career Prep

After watching a few hundred high school freshmen at the Career Expo, I thought about how little I knew at thirteen, and yet how important it was. Continue reading

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A Slightly Early Easter Story

I was sure I had right well killed every one of the Oriental lilies I planted last summer, and yet… Continue reading

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Sports Cliches and Judgment Days

One of the most maddening things about March Madness is hearing the same old sports cliches a dozen times a day. Continue reading

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Late for Church

Ever pass by someone that needed help because you didn’t want to be late for church? Hmmm… Continue reading

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