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Fighting Nature

There are times when persistence is virtue and times when it is nothing more than sheer stubbornness. A cup of coffee and prayer for wisdom just might be the right way to go… Continue reading

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In Praise of Work

I cannot think of anything that I have or am able to do that does not rely upon the work of others. I give thanks for them! Continue reading

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Evening Serenade

Grown kids and growing grandkids, guitars and singing in a back yard in the shade in the fading part of a summer day feels like family and seems a bit like immortality. Continue reading

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Academic Retreat

Even in intellectual settings, it is the caring for one another that matters most and helps us focus together on the work that we share. Continue reading

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Road Hazard

If some small inconvenience on our part makes things better for other folks, isn’t it worth doing? Continue reading

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Kindness on Cowley 20

Having a bike ride interrupted by an act of kindness on a hot day made for a better day! Continue reading

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Riding a Low Ridge in Southern Kansas

Absorbing the simple beauty of a summer afternoon along the backroads of Cowley County is a pretty good way to soothe the mind… Continue reading

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