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A Calm and Hopeful Fog

In the dense closeness of last night’s fog, I could imagine angels singing to shepherds in the mist… Continue reading

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A Better Light

There are times in life where there is no easy, pleasant way to make things better. That might be exactly when the effort matters most. Continue reading

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Tougher Than the Weather

Never underestimate the power of showing up… especially when it would be easy not to… Continue reading

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The Hard Truths of Winter Remodeling

While it might be true that the best things in life are free, most of the pretty good ones take a lot of hard work! Continue reading

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Lifting Those in Darkness up to The Light

Those struggling with discouragement and depression need a special lifting to The Light. Continue reading

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Hiking in the Dark

When fatigue tugs at our limbs and exhaustion etches into our joints, he who has shaped our path will still give us strength. Continue reading

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