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Tater Diggin’

Sometimes the dreading of a job is worse than the job itself. That might be true about digging potatoes… Maybe… Continue reading

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Beyond Repair

Sometimes people (and God) go beyond simply repairing something; they make it even more beautiful than it was before. Continue reading

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In Gratitude, Labor Day 2019

In this age where it seems so many worship war and wealth, let us remember and honor those whose labor provides us with our food, our clothes, our shelter… and just about everything else that we have. Continue reading

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Of Work and Caring

Isn’t it wonderful how just a few minutes of serious conversation can strengthen relationships? And how strong relationships improve a working environment? Continue reading

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Back in the Old Days

It’s not what it used to be and maybe it never was, but growing up on a farm and in my family provided a good, solid basis for the next of my life. Continue reading

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Bull-Ridin’ and Success

Riding a bull takes a certain sort of courage but what makes a ranch–or most anything else–succeed is something else. Continue reading

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Career Prep

After watching a few hundred high school freshmen at the Career Expo, I thought about how little I knew at thirteen, and yet how important it was. Continue reading

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