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Compare & Contrast

“Are you two close?” I asked. “Yeah,” he replied, “I actually like her more than my own sister.” Continue reading

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in the midst of all that we bring
all that we find and take of life
and all that we have made Continue reading

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An Evening’s Lesson

Locust trees and maples fringe the bank in dark border on this dark night. Pink roses hang heavy blooms over the stone retaining wall along the drive. Continue reading

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Parting Words

When I stood beside his hospital bed in the pre-dawn hours of that March morning, I fully expected that to be my last time with him. Continue reading

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In this changing of seasons,
this new crispness of morning air,
there is an invitation of lingering longer
in the warmth of my wife and bed. Continue reading

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Fatal Errors

Today, I’m thankful to be done with the report and very thankful that I have a job where a fatal error doesn’t even cause a scratch. Continue reading

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It Wasn’t Broke But It Did Need Fixing

But when we consider how long we might have to live with things a certain way, we should become more willing to do what it takes to make them better. Continue reading

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