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Sports Cliches and Judgment Days

One of the most maddening things about March Madness is hearing the same old sports cliches a dozen times a day. Continue reading

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Replenishment by Depletion

Many of us are readily inclined to believe that almost no one else has less than we do; no one else has so much bad luck, so much misfortune, so little good. Continue reading

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End of Harvest

Well, I guess with the way this year has gone, I shouldn’t be too shocked to see a hard freeze predicted for this weekend, starting tonight.

Continue reading

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Final Inspection

The “remodeling” of our souls and spirits goes a bit deeper, including the reworking of not only the surface aspects but the hidden ones as well. Continue reading

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Arctic Express

A man can stand a bit of trouble when it comes his way. A woman can tolerate some degree of disappointment when it happens from time to time. But to see it coming at you like a train can make you feel like jumping right off the track. Continue reading

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