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Thanksgiving Blessing

The blessing of smiles and hugs at the front door,
the sound of laughter in the living room,
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A Few Good Things

Ought not a Christian nation
be the most humble on the face of the earth? Continue reading

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It Is Well

In the midst of life’s deepest griefs, in the moment of our greatest fears, in the time of trials and testings, in the unbounded joy of greatest blessing and in the rut-running routine of life in between all those, choices come to us. Continue reading

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There are many incredibly gifted people in the world. Some whose gifts have given them more wealth than nations, some whose gifts have brought them fame and acclaim. Continue reading

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But even when faith has passed into sight
and hope into holding,
there will be love.
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Down by the Riverside

To do justice often requires risk. And for the weak and frail, it is only by the love of others that they are able to prevail. Continue reading

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I’ve read and been told (and sometimes, twice is enough to get the job done) that the olfactory nerves are hardwired directly into the brain and that this explains why a certain scent can trigger vivid memories. Continue reading

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