I’d love to know what brings people here to my blog… I guess some pick up the link on Facebook. Others may have been searching a tag or topic. Maybe you read some of my devotions in “The Quiet Hour,” “Daily Bread,” “Fruit of the Vine,” or some other place where my writings have appeared. Whatever it is that brought you, I’m glad you’re here!

The title of this blog, “Reflections,” is quite deliberate and has at least two levels of meanings.

On the surface, most of my writings come from reflecting on events, people, scenes and such from my daily existence. Included with that are the comments, revelations, ideas and impressions that inevitably reflect who I am. Along with that is the intent that I will reflect the compassion, caring, honesty and acceptance that Jesus of Nazareth demonstrated. I hope, too, that my readers, whether believers or not, will try to reflect grace and peace into the lives of those around them.

Having a variety of interests, I try to write a variety of reflections. I was a shop teacher in an earlier life and still spend quite a bit of time remodeling. I also play the guitar and sing and do some songwriting. I love traveling and just last year started a new hobby that may border on obsession: mud runs such as “Warrior Dash,” “Rugged Maniacs,” and “Ruckus.” Those intests are reflected in different mediatations.

In addition to variety of topic, there is also a variety in tone.

Some of my writings are pretty obviously “Christian” while others are not even overtly religious. I try to write at least some of them for people who ordinarily avoid “devotions.” I know that there are a lot of deeply spiritual people who really just don’t care much for church. Unfortunately, there are also a lot of apparently “deeply religious” people who don’t seem to care much for actually incorporating the best parts of their religion into their daily lives.

Sometimes I try to comfort; sometimes I try to challenge; sometimes I actually try to provoke a chuckle or two. Always, I try to provide something that can help make your day a bit better: something that gives you hope or provokes you into showing greater kindness and consideration. Sometimes, it’s consideration for yourself. I believe that people who walk in the supreme comfort of God’s grace and love are much more likely to reflect that love and grace to others.

I have been a bivocational minister/pastor since 1975. I have over thirty years of experience in education, including being a high school teacher, alternative school principal, college professor, college administrator and currently director of institutional research at the oldest college in Kansas.

Over those years, I preached in Kentucky, Ohio, Missouri, Tennesse, North Carolina and Kansas. Pursuing an intentional non-denominational direction, I have tried to follow the leading of the Spirit in both my secular work and my spiritual callings. I find that God’s leading frequently incoroporates my handyman work, my agricultural background and present interactions with horses and my large family experiences. Between the two of us, Randa and I had nine children and now share twenty grand-children.

It’s been over ten years since I started writing daily reflections and emailing those. What started out as a short list of personal contacts grew over the years. What hasn’t changed is a commitment to learn from life, from nature, from friends and strangers. Quite a few people have expressed appreciation for the sharing of these reflections. I hope you will be one of those who finds something worth reading in the things I write.

Make a good day!

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4 Responses to About

  1. Ruth Coverdale says:

    Doc Arnett – I just became acquainted with you through “Fruit of the Vine.” Liked what you wrote and look forward to reading what you’re written all week. I went to your blog and loved your poems! Would you give me permission to use them in our bulletin and church newsletter?
    Ruth Coverdale, Noblesville Friends Church, Noblesville, IN

    • Doc Arnett says:

      Hi, Ruth,

      I would love for you to use anything on my website for your bulletins and other church publications. I only ask that you reference the blog in the credits for the poem or other meditation.

      Good to you,

  2. Linda Moore says:

    I just this week (9/24/2012) read your post from July 2009 entitled “A Fine Memory”. Ernest McElwain was my dad and your memory of him brought tears to my eyes and pride to my heart that you still remember him in this way. My dad passed away August 18, 2009 (a month after your writing of your memory of him) and I really wish he could have read it. He would have been so proud that he had made such an impression on you. Dad and Mother were always so fond of your parents and never forgot them. I still remember when your Dad was our minister and occasionally I would go home with your family after church on Sunday and spend the afternoon with your sister, Patsy. Those were good times and good memories.

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