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All that was gray and dismal disappeared in the nearness of bright sun and the kind of warm that makes you remember Indian summer. Continue reading

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Traffic Jam

Family controversy, car trouble, traffic aggravations, chronic illness, holiday disappointments, budget challenges, arguments, etc. are just parts of life when spread out with some intervening respite between. Continue reading

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Multiple Symptoms of a Major Meltdown

Sooner or later, most of us reach a point where no more warnings are necessary. It would be good if we listened before we started limping. Continue reading

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God through the Gray

In this morning’s strangely perfect light, every color seemed to have a soft glow. They all mingled and flowed, blending into a wonderful texture and pattern. Continue reading

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River Guide

The God who is our Guide will be with us through every eddy, every cut and turn, every rushing rapid and the long miles of slow water. But he will never put us in danger for the sake of his own amusement.
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The Long Path

Standing under the shade of the hickory trees at the old spring down behind the tobacco barn, it was impossible to see where the path would end up. Continue reading

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Short Ride, Long Walk

Five hundred fewer steps sure seems like a lot bigger deal when the long shadows stretch across the road in front of us in the work-worn ending of a hard day.
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