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Mixed Blessings

Even while I might resent having to mow the grass every three or four days, I am grateful for fresh tomatoes, sweet corn and hot, homegrown peppers.. Continue reading

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More Than a Passing Blessing

Do you know someone that just seeing them makes your day seem better?

Cool, ain’t it? Be grateful… and let them know… Continue reading

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Of Work and Caring

Isn’t it wonderful how just a few minutes of serious conversation can strengthen relationships? And how strong relationships improve a working environment? Continue reading

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Neighbors in the Hood

Guys out doing stuff on a Saturday morning, picking up the aftermath of a small windstorm, demonstrate that being a neighbor is a matter of choice, not circumstance. Continue reading

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A Few Seconds of Courtesy

If waiting three or four seconds lets us show courtesy to others and provides greater safety… isn’t that time well spent? Continue reading

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Of Naming Rights and the Nature of Rivers

Driving through the Kansas River valley on our way to a wedding in Manhattan got me to thinking… maybe rivers and marriages have more in common than I thought. Continue reading

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A Green Valley in the Heat of Summer

Unexpected beauty offered its own bit of respite on a searing summer day… and a fitting metaphor for our travels as well. Continue reading

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