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Bull-Ridin’ and Success

Riding a bull takes a certain sort of courage but what makes a ranch–or most anything else–succeed is something else. Continue reading

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Lessons from the Sage

I marvel at the determination of tender shoots forcing their way up through whatever lies between them and sunlight. Continue reading

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Getting Better

Whether it’s singing or marriage, or something else nearly as important, improving is not always quick or easy… but it is always possible. And quite often worth the effort. Continue reading

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Margaritaville Syndrome

Staying with a thing even when it’s not fun or easy anymore is a useful life skill. So is the humility that lets us know when our pain is our own damn fault. Continue reading

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Not the Easy Way Out

In just about everything, it seems there must be an easier way. Sometimes, the easy way simply cannot take us where we want to go. Continue reading

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Fighting Nature

There are times when persistence is virtue and times when it is nothing more than sheer stubbornness. A cup of coffee and prayer for wisdom just might be the right way to go… Continue reading

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Passing through the Flint Hills in Late Autumn

In the vastness of the Flint Hills, I marvel at the courage and hope of the homesteaders, those whose determination wanted something more than easy lives. Continue reading

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