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The Pursuit of Harmony

Harmony in singing creates a sound that is more than the sum of its parts; it is a reflection of the nature and person of God. Continue reading

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Worry, Segregation and the Thousand Year Reign

There are things we should worry about and things we shouldn’t. As long as we’re with Jesus, that first list is a lot shorter! Continue reading

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Empathy and the Golden Rule

Until I experienced the loneliness of losing my hearing, I never thought about what my dad went through. Continue reading

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Morning Meditation in a Season Seeking Justice

Just as plants need a deep-rooted source of water and nutrients, we rely upon things unseen. Unseen, but extremely important. Continue reading

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Another Sad Sod Story

When we want a greener yard but it’s hot and dry, we could wait for a better season. Or we could work ourselves silly and pay a higher water bill! Continue reading

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Walking Through the Night

That sweet, heavenly fragrance of honeysuckle on a summer night… ah, what delight! Continue reading

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Last Week of May, 2020

Humility, courage and righteousness are powerful things; blessed are the peacemakers. Continue reading

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