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Easy Alternatives

Sometimes we put up with what we have because it seems like too much work to change it. I might convince myself I’m being “tolerant” when really I’m just being lazy… Continue reading

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Beyond Bumper Stickers

When we define and align ourselves based on opinion, we invite division. Things like honesty, decency, and compassion ought to matter more. Continue reading

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Snow That Ain’t

Snow that looks like fertilizer pellets or BB’s isn’t nearly as pretty as that soft, fluffy stuff… but it’s still snow. Folks that don’t look like me… are still folks I should love. Continue reading

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Josh Blue

One thing you have to admit, a man with cerebral palsy, wildly frizzy reddish blond hair and piercing blue eyes who calls himself “an African American” has a different take on life. Continue reading

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Beats Martha White

Sounding like the right thing is a mighty fine commodity, whether you’re selling flour to rural homemakers, trying to elect the next resident of the White House or soliciting contributions from millions of Americans so your television ministry can continue to provide its uplifting and edifying programs. Continue reading

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