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The Deceit of Duty

Unless we are deliberate and careful, precious time during visits from those we love and cherish may be stolen by a misleading sense of duty. Continue reading

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A Divine Nourishment

If it is indulgence for garden plants to draw up water, soak up sunshine and take nourishment from the earth, then lunch with a friend is indulgence. A rather vital indulgence, though, don’t you think? Continue reading

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Seasonal Thoughts

I note with some sadness
how early the darkness
comes already in the evening Continue reading

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It Wasn’t Broke But It Did Need Fixing

But when we consider how long we might have to live with things a certain way, we should become more willing to do what it takes to make them better. Continue reading

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Breakfast on the Porch

I sit for a few minutes longer,
indulging in this lavish beginning
of the day the Lord has made. Continue reading

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