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A Dark and Stormy Night

In such seasons of determined unsettled weather, it is good to hold fast to something stronger than the storm, something that lasts beyond every trial and testing. Continue reading

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Driving Rain

It is seldom in life that we gain greater advantage by pushing blindly ahead, not compelled by faith and wisdom, but driven by the stubbornness of our own determination.
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Scattered Showers

For a while the wind stirred the dance of branches, a swishing and swaying of muted greens seen through the screen of the second story window. It seemed we would surely have rain but none came. The storm slid further to the north and east and we found not the least traces of darkened earth or gravel, not even a gathering on the windshields of the car and truck parked outside. Continue reading

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Driving Back from Oak Grove

Pupil-shrinking stabs of lightning
fire again and again
and thunder rocks the car. Continue reading

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