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Beyond Destruction

Until this earth itself perish, there will always be good work to do; even Armageddon itself will not destroy love. Continue reading

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A Very Convenient Truth

Having someone show up to do something you dreaded doing… how else can you explain that except “Divine Providence?” Continue reading

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A Careful Walk

A day begun in seeking wisdom, lived in deliberate thoughtfulness and reflected on with genuine gratitude has a very good chance of being a very good day! Continue reading

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Seed Money

Gratitude, planning, dedication, purpose: that’s a good combination at any age and I’m delighted to see it in our granddaughter! Continue reading

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Earth Day, 2014

It’s always a bit scary to see someone else take over something that we’ve loved and cared for. It’s plain painful to see them abuse it. Continue reading

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Extending the Pasture

We work along the eastern edge, cutting back the branches and bushes that have pushed out into the field. With one horse and good rains, this small pasture would be large enough. But in the strange dry and chill of … Continue reading

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Cleanup Time, Again

Most aggravating was their initiative in sealing around the window air conditioning unit, using a marine grade butyl-silicone compound with an elasticity rating approaching that of a Wiley Coyote Launch Device. Continue reading

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