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Itty Bitty Miracles

How big does a miracle have to be to be a miracle? Continue reading

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Religion Before the Storm

Though some may mock the masses and scoff at crutches, I never met a skeptic who thought an umbrella good enough for facing a tornado. Continue reading

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I was pretty sure it was a myth, this so-called “runners’ euphoria.” Supposedly, at some point in a run, or a workout, in response to sustained physical exertion, the brain releases dopamine and endorphins and that release triggers a sort of pleasurable feeling that’s like, well, euphoria. Continue reading

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Heart Trouble

I would rather be grateful and adore a capricious God than spend my life in the hollowness of skepticism.
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Taking Fire

I tend to think that a faith that cannot be defended is a faith that is not worth having and that those who approach the story of Jesus with the same fairness given to other historical events will quite likely reach the conclusion of faith. Faith should not fear reason. Continue reading

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It Is Well

In the midst of life’s deepest griefs, in the moment of our greatest fears, in the time of trials and testings, in the unbounded joy of greatest blessing and in the rut-running routine of life in between all those, choices come to us. Continue reading

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