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Back in the Old Days

It’s not what it used to be and maybe it never was, but growing up on a farm and in my family provided a good, solid basis for the next of my life. Continue reading

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Dogs and Cats and Other Friends

I always wanted a dog that would lie by my bed all night, making me feel safe and comforted. I still do… Continue reading

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August Morning

The morning sun barely burns through this morning fog, shaping a fiery red circle to the east… a smooth and easy beginning to this good day. Continue reading

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Morning Swims

Back then, in the early bends
of summer mornings
we hid our swimming trunks
in the old tobacco barn
next to the pond. Continue reading

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Informed Choice

Waking up day after day, looking out the dorm window and seeing nothing but miles of cornfields and fencerows is a pretty powerful reminder that you aren’t in Atlanta anymore. Continue reading

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