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Of Risk and Reward

By avoiding the potential pain of rejection, we often endure agonizing loneliness. Continue reading

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More than Trophies

According to Dan, turkeys can’t smell worth a hoot but their vision is legendary. I stay and stay still as he finishes elbow-walking his way to the edge of the cornfield that stretches out over the next two hills. Continue reading

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Late Night Ruminations

With nothing particular on my mind and no dietary suspects, I cannot explain the trouble I had in getting to sleep last night. Sometimes, I think such times might be the result of some deeper concern, something disturbing the spirit, something beyond normal thought. Continue reading

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Signs of the Lack of Time

But eventually, everything not cared for, not attended to, not nourished, shows the signs of lack.
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The After-Cold

In the soul stung by life’s harsh edge, the heart closed against the killing frost, it takes a surrendering of what is lost before the healing touch can fill the darkness and bring Light. Continue reading

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January Night

On such a night as this,
it is good to have a place
beyond the wind’s lancet,
a place where love is strong.
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The Blame Game

Sometimes I take blame with a spoon and dish it out with a shovel. Other times, I feel as if I am the only common factor in all of the troubles I think I’ve endured. Continue reading

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