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The God of Thunder

In the midst of our darkest moments, in the eye of the storm and even in the forming turmoil, the glory of God still shines in the world. Continue reading

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Grizzly Encounter

They first saw the grizzly, upwind and upslope of them, from nearly a half-mile away. They knew right away it had seen them, too. Continue reading

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Of Giving and Receiving

Sometimes, it is the slightest sign

of some good thing that brings

the notion of a better change:
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Promise in the Clouds

There are wonders beyond our explanation that though inexplicable can yet be definitely experienced or otherwise witnessed. Continue reading

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Look Over There

When we are made no longer subject to the nuances of this world and its ways and when all that causes death and decay has been done away, in that Day, we will know fully the joy that we have only tasted, that which stays.
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