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An Elegant Solution

I got pulled into a discussion at work yesterday afternoon. An issue had come up that had triggered some problems for a couple of our people at the college. Early into the conversation, I realized that either there was an … Continue reading

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When/When Solutions

Many of life’s little conflicts can be resolved when people are more interested in making things work than they are in making them difficult. Working things out is always greater honor to those we love than is making a stink in their name.

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Conquering the Enemy

The new drain for the new kitchen sink had slowed up considerably of late. Water no longer ran out after a load of dishes was done; it seeped. In addition to the speed issue, there was some concern about proper dispersion. Continue reading

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Porch Light

…until you focus on the actual problem, it doesn’t matter how much effort goes into counseling, therapy, institutional initiatives or altar calls.
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