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In Gratitude, Labor Day 2019

In this age where it seems so many worship war and wealth, let us remember and honor those whose labor provides us with our food, our clothes, our shelter… and just about everything else that we have. Continue reading

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Back in the Old Days

It’s not what it used to be and maybe it never was, but growing up on a farm and in my family provided a good, solid basis for the next of my life. Continue reading

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In Praise of Work

I cannot think of anything that I have or am able to do that does not rely upon the work of others. I give thanks for them! Continue reading

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Long Day

By the time we’d worked fifteen minutes, I was drenched with sweat. Even with the sun down, the heat index was in the mid-nineties. Continue reading

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Promises of the Wind

“All of work
will one day
have its reward.” Continue reading

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Behind the Seens

It was a long day’s work with very little to show for it. It was not that the work was fruitless and it was certainly not that there was any lack of effort. Continue reading

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Good Workers

He knew that it was easy to become discouraged when we feel unappreciated, when our efforts seem to go unnoticed and things are not always fair. But he also knew that those who continue to lift the extra weight, walk the extra steps, or take the extra duty have a satisfaction that the others will never know. Continue reading

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