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The Joy of Learning

One of the hallmarks of good teachers, no matter what their age, is a continuing enthusiasm for learning; genuine enthusiasm always shows through. Continue reading

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Feeding in the Fog

It is good to know the sight of home,
good to keep its glowing firmly in heart Continue reading

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There are times when the illumination of heaven reveals to us a wonderful potential, a promise of growth and maturing and fulfillment. In those instances when hope burns within us and we suddenly see the evidence of God’s touch upon us, we are changed. Continue reading

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A Warm Cleansing

I have been lost in better moments,

standing in deliberate surrender,

surrounded by sharing,

hands lifted toward heaven,
Continue reading

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A Very Convenient Truth

I pretty much knew as soon as I walked up to the sabino gelding that he would be going home with us. It wasn’t that he indeed looked very much like the pictures Shelley had posted on Craigslist but that certainly didn’t hurt. Continue reading

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