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The Waiting

Even in the midst of migraines and insomnia, God is willing to speak… if we are willing to listen. Continue reading

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A Bit of Progress

I have found it too easy in my life to show too little gratitude; sometimes having something taken away for a while helps change that… Continue reading

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Topeka Rain

There is a calm beauty in summer rain in the city’s night, a gentle soothing. Continue reading

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Late Night Ruminations

With nothing particular on my mind and no dietary suspects, I cannot explain the trouble I had in getting to sleep last night. Sometimes, I think such times might be the result of some deeper concern, something disturbing the spirit, something beyond normal thought. Continue reading

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On the other hand, being a privileged person in a privileged society, I believe there are other options. I could contact my elected officials and propose that this section of the highway should be re-routed in such a way as to eliminate any irritation to me and inflict it upon my neighbors. Continue reading

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Noise Machine

The distractions of our busy-ness may be keeping us from alerting to the signals of more important issues: a child needing something more than fifteen minutes help with homework, a neighbor on the brink of despair, Continue reading

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Passing in the Night

it is something other than worry
that keeps me from my sleep
and moves me toward

this subtle peace. Continue reading

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