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Of Empathy and Experience

Sometimes the Lord has to put us into someone else’s place to put us into our place… experience can lead to empathy, if our hearts are open. Continue reading

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The Insight of Experience

Ripples of breeze stroked the thick brome, weaving patterns of silver in the early evening sun. The horses stepped along, seed stalks so tall they nearly brushed their bellies. Continue reading

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I was pretty sure it was a myth, this so-called “runners’ euphoria.” Supposedly, at some point in a run, or a workout, in response to sustained physical exertion, the brain releases dopamine and endorphins and that release triggers a sort of pleasurable feeling that’s like, well, euphoria. Continue reading

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A Quiet Faith

We will all, in whatever ways and with whatever responses, further experience the gleanings and meanings of this life we are given. Some carried in the soft breathing of loved ones’ sleeping and others in the prayers of early hours.
Continue reading

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The Morel of the Story-Part II

There must have been something in the air this weekend, something other than the highest pollen count in years. Something fresh and sweet and enticing. Perhaps, even, something a bit intoxicating. Continue reading

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