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Convision Experience

Realizing you need help can come easy or hard, simple or painful. When the same becomes scarier than the change… you’re probably ready. Continue reading

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More than Clay

It’s a bit unexpected to hear works by Beethoven and Tchaikovsky performed on a harmonica. It’s flat out astounding to hear those works played with the acuity that Buddy demonstrates. Continue reading

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Virgel and Lucille

It was his goal to live to be ninety years old, a feat he accomplished early this year. But, it was not his goal to live as a semi-invalid. Continue reading

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Summer Evening

And in these long years since then, that moment when I rose up from the waters, pure and cleansed, every sin purged from God’s great memory, there has not been another moment even remotely like that one. Everything that I was, could be and am becoming, exploded and compressed within me in the same pulse. Continue reading

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