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A Few Seconds of Courtesy

If waiting three or four seconds lets us show courtesy to others and provides greater safety… isn’t that time well spent? Continue reading

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The Beauty of Courtesy

Even when you’re just mowing the grass, courtesy and consideration can help assure the safety of those passing by… Continue reading

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Road Hazard

If some small inconvenience on our part makes things better for other folks, isn’t it worth doing? Continue reading

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An Hour of Prevention

He who loves his wife and wants her to return the favor must take extra precautions when sanding drywall in the house in which she lives. Continue reading

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A Hint of Consideration

A trucker’s Jake Brakes got me to thinking early this morning about how easy it is for us to become so absorbed with our own interests and activity that we fail to take time to think about how a particular thing might affect others. Continue reading

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Boiling Point

Although I cannot document the fact for everyone that I know, it appears quite likely that we all have our limits. Continue reading

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