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Spoke Van Winkle

Sometimes, the part that’s sore isn’t the only part that needs some rest… Continue reading

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Data Driven Decision Making

Any time that we do things that make people feel noticed, valued and appreciated, we contribute to making our place a better place to work. Continue reading

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A couple of weeks ago, I noticed an ambulance over at the old apartment building near our house. At the time, I thought I should go over a while later and see if there was anything that we could do for the family. Continue reading

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A Few Concerns

In all of this and more, I remember that we live in a fallen world, a world of pain, disease, affliction and death. I remember that the power of faith, often expressed in prayer, is remarkable and inexplicable. I remember that the God of the Storm has promised that I will be able to bear every burden, every test, every temptation. Continue reading

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