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Earth Day, 2014

It’s always a bit scary to see someone else take over something that we’ve loved and cared for. It’s plain painful to see them abuse it. Continue reading

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An Appreciation

Sometimes in the shadows of an open door,
we see something that we have never seen before,
or have seen a thousand times
and never noticed. Continue reading

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A couple of weeks ago, I noticed an ambulance over at the old apartment building near our house. At the time, I thought I should go over a while later and see if there was anything that we could do for the family. Continue reading

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A Small Inconvenience

A few more mornings of hauling water bucket by bucket and I will have to re-evaluate my preferences. Continue reading

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Signs of the Lack of Time

But eventually, everything not cared for, not attended to, not nourished, shows the signs of lack.
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Whether Forecast

What is clear, though, is that God’s love and mercy, his faithfulness, his leading and calling, his provision and training are not dependent upon climate patterns, not altered by Arctic blasts nor stalled out fronts. Continue reading

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