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Battle at Randolph Creek

I guess it might be a bit presumptuous to say the Lord was thinking of little boys when He made creeks. I think it would be fair, though, to say that there’s little else like a creek when it comes to entertaining a boy. Continue reading

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Blair, Kansas

There are bound to be a hundred stories here, buildings that used to host something resembling a flourishing business, once-fine houses now lived in by the last, poorest cousin of some entrepreneur, once-occupied, now empty lots including the one where they finally tore down the old school. Continue reading

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The Incredible Wealth of Scraping By

Making my way across the freshly mowed grass in the last hour of daylight, I see Ben and his mom outside their tiny, rough apartment. Smoke drifts out from a small grill and Ben is bent over the front wheel of a small bicycle. He looks my way, straightens up and waves, “Hi, Doc!” Continue reading

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