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Tub Time

I love soaking in a tub of hot water… I love those times when I am so aware of God’s purpose and presence… and then, there are those other times… Continue reading

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In Praise of Work

I cannot think of anything that I have or am able to do that does not rely upon the work of others. I give thanks for them! Continue reading

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Beyond Common

We need those special incidents that help us to be aware of others’ love for us and to be aware of our love for them. Continue reading

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Hayloft-Part I

At the beginning of the winter season, the summer stacking of a few thousand sixty-pound bales of alfalfa nearly filled the space of the hayloft in the stock barn on our Todd County dairy farm. Continue reading

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Autumn Geldings

They lift their heads at the same time, small streams of water draining from their lips, silver in the sunlight, diamonds rippling through the air toward earth, drawn back to their source. Continue reading

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Sensing the Storm

There was a darkness that seemed too sudden to be natural just before the rain began. Tree branches bent wildly as a tremendous gust shook the windows and swirled brackets of rain around the building. Continue reading

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