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In Praise of Work

I cannot think of anything that I have or am able to do that does not rely upon the work of others. I give thanks for them! Continue reading

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Beyond Common

We need those special incidents that help us to be aware of others’ love for us and to be aware of our love for them. Continue reading

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Warning: Contents Under Pressure

Tending a beehive does have its risks but at least there’s the likelihood of a good payoff. Tending a cesspool? Not so much… Continue reading

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A Good Start to a Great Day

I think waking up with a deliberate attitude of gratitude is even better than Folgers in your cup. Or even Starbucks… Continue reading

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Blessed & Afflicted

Caring and devoted friends sure make a radical difference in helping us manage our afflictions… especially when we happen to be married to one of them! Continue reading

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The Blessings of an Autumn Day in the Flint Hills

Until I came to Kansas, I had no idea how much color a tallgrass prairie could offer in autumn. Continue reading

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To Lie Down Weary

There are many fine things in this world; a good night’s rest is among the finest! Continue reading

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