Conquering the Enemy

The new drain for the new kitchen sink had slowed up considerably of late. Water no longer ran out after a load of dishes was done; it seeped. In addition to the speed issue, there was some concern about proper dispersion. After the first quart of so of water drained out from the one side, the rest would start backing up in the other side of the sink. According to my wife, it is not a desirable thing to have dirty dishwater flooding up around dishes that were just washed and rinsed.


Being the dutiful and responsive husband that I am, I suggested that she set the draining rack on the counter.


After the lump on the side of my head healed, I decided to check the trap and make sure it wasn’t clogged up. It was not. “Ahh,” I thought, “It’s because this drain is not vented.”


After storing the parts I needed to vent the drain for several months, I finally took the twenty minutes it takes to install them last night. I cleaned up the little mess I’d made while giving the PVC glue plenty of time to cure. “Lord,” I prayed silently, “Bless the work of my hands.” The next verse that popped into my head was “Do not let my enemy triumph over me.” If your experience with plumbing is similar to mine, you understand.


Filled with faith and tempted by optimism, I then eagerly filled the sink with cold water and pulled out the stopper.


The water immediately began draining out. After the first quart of so of water drained out from the one side, the rest started backing up in the other side. “Well, darn,” I thought, “That’s a bit disappointing.” (I may be understating my exact thoughts but I’m confident that you believe that I was disappointed.)


So, since the new vent didn’t fix the problem, I knew it was time for that special bottle of industrial grade, home owner dare not use, professional strength, wrap your entire body in twenty-mil polypropylene hazardous waste disposal unit protective gear first, then put on a OSHA-approved full-face shield, and pour Rooto Liquid Drain Opener. I poured in at least twice the recommended amount, waited the specified fifteen minutes and then began flushing with cold water.


After the first quart… well, by now, you can surely finish that sentence.


But then, after the water rose up a couple of inches on both sides, it began to drain back out of the side where the garbage disposal is. Then, it began to drain out of the other side. I continued running the water for another twelve minutes and then filled up the sink. When I pulled out the stopper, all of the water drained out as quickly as the first quart.


It often happens in life that things improve considerably when we address the actual problem, rather than doing all the other easier things that we only wish would fix it.


H. Arnett


About Doc Arnett

Native of southwestern Kentucky currently living in Ark City, Kansas, with my wife of twenty-nine years, Randa. We have, between us, eight children and twenty-eight grandkids. We enjoy singing, worship, remodeling and travel.
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