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Warm Front

If a single day of sunshine can be such a welcome thing and bring such a fine change to hearts and spirits, consider how refreshing kind words and thoughtful actions must be to those lives lost in winter’s long shadow.
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Signs of the Lack of Time

But eventually, everything not cared for, not attended to, not nourished, shows the signs of lack.
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Hairnets & Plastic Gloves

It is the raw eloquence of sincere actions that touches the hearts of others.
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Hard Times

There’s a common saying that we don’t know what we’d do until we’re put into a particular situation. Perhaps we might also say that we don’t know what we would refuse to do, either. Continue reading

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A Warming Light

From these who overcame by the Word, who endured all things, who surrendered their souls to him who had given them, who Continue reading

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Of Beauty and Pain

The trace of each ripple of earth can be found in those soundings of snow, crusted now by the melt of day and light, frozen again in the cold of night. Continue reading

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